29 August, 2007

honk toot

So, blog. It has been some time.

Yesterday morning, biking home from work, I managed to bike up my entire hill without stopping to get off and walk my bike. I was amazingly sweaty when I got home.

Carlos at work, this is his last week. He has found a new job at a different office doing pretty much the same thing as he does here, only for better pay, and it is closer to his house so he can bike to work now. To celebrate this, tonight we had pizza at work.

It has been fairly slow this entire month, so I have not been getting as many hours in as I like. However, the last couple of days have picked up. Unfortunately, I feel like crap tonight and just want to go home and take a bath and rest my eyes which are ridiculously bloodshot for no good reason.

I got another summons for jury duty in the mail. This one for the day after my birthday. I talked to Lynn, and we are in agreeance that if I call them and tell them I've already been summoned once this year, I shouldn't have to go through this again. It basically is a week where I can't go anywhere because I might have to go to the court house. Not to mention that I work overnights, and it would be extremely painful for me to be up and sitting around waiting for this bullshit. Not only that, but it is entirely likely that I'd fall asleep in the jury box unless it was a particularly riveting case.

I also went to the library today and got a library card. SFLS has the worst catalogue search ever in existance. I was looking for the Graphic Artists Guild's guide to pricing and ethics. A search for Graphic Artists Guild yielded nothing of the sort. Not until I searched Graphic Pricing was I able to find this book. Unfortunately, the one copy that can be checked out was (the others were non-check-out-able in reference or lost) until the 6th of Sept. Boo. I also was looking for some French instructional books---as in books to teach/learn French by. All I could get were audio results, and none of the ones that I'd be interested in getting were available. I really wanted like an exercise type textbook, but all I could find were dictionaries. Ah well, c'est la vive.

08 August, 2007

Comcast is coming tomorrow between 8am and noon

Hopefully I will have internet before work.

That is all.