25 January, 2008

A comic about workplace anger and cookies

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The dude totally knew there were cookies, but he withheld information. Thusly, he gets the sword eye. I only ate one half of a cookie that was on that plate. I brought up cookies for more than just myself unlike David (the man who told me about cookies).

There were cookies because there was some IPO celebration that night. As per usual, I asked waitstaff about the location of foodstuffs because tall people in business suits make me nervous. Particularly when I am in hand-me-down pants and an old sweater.

Also, anyone who knows me knows I will eat cookies like it is my job. I am fucking SERIOUS about cookies.

24 January, 2008


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I really need to stop telling strangers about my cats. Tim invited me to go drink with some of his workmates, one of which brought his ladyfriend. And well, I guess the menfolk figure the ladyfolk will get along and talk about whatever ladyfolk talk about.
The problem with this is that I've always been around mostly boys my entire life. I am not good at talking to girls. This is why my lady friends I treat like hard earned lovely shiny things.
Suffice to say, I talked this poor girl's ear off about my dumb cats, and I felt like an idiot afterward. I sort of redeemed myself later I guess when I got her to talking about where she came from (New Mexico) and her job (pre-school teacher) and also crazy times to go shopping (black friday, day after xmas), but I feel I did a great amount of harm with the cat talking.
Tim even acknowledged that I talked about the cats for an extraordinarily long time.
I'm such a dumb ass.

Wonderful re-entry into Comicking

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I have now officially gone full circle from having this job and not giving a crap to caring a lot back to not giving two shits. This is what I am going to spend my energies on whenever I can while I am stuck here making my pennies.

09 January, 2008

Upcoming Trips

Tim and I are going to be doing some travelling in February! Huzzah!
The weekend of the 8th, we will be going to South Lake Tahoe for fun time snow and skiing with his workmates and their respective S/Os and family. Then the weekend after, we will be going to MN for more snow fun and visiting with friends! Woo! I almost feel like Derrick with all this travelling!

Tarv said he'd look after the cats for one of the weekends. If there are any SF (or Sac) area friends who read this blog who would like a weekend in the city (if you have animals, feel free to bring them too, our building is an all-pets building, and our cats are fairly laid back), let me know. I think I will try calling Aimee and Kirsten tomorrow to see what their plans are for either of those weekends.