09 January, 2008

Upcoming Trips

Tim and I are going to be doing some travelling in February! Huzzah!
The weekend of the 8th, we will be going to South Lake Tahoe for fun time snow and skiing with his workmates and their respective S/Os and family. Then the weekend after, we will be going to MN for more snow fun and visiting with friends! Woo! I almost feel like Derrick with all this travelling!

Tarv said he'd look after the cats for one of the weekends. If there are any SF (or Sac) area friends who read this blog who would like a weekend in the city (if you have animals, feel free to bring them too, our building is an all-pets building, and our cats are fairly laid back), let me know. I think I will try calling Aimee and Kirsten tomorrow to see what their plans are for either of those weekends.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Ha... Derrick rubs in his traveling every chance he gets, so you make sure to do the same to him.

I wish I was spending practically a month of winter in Florida. Must be rough.

Hope to see you when you are in MN, Jen!