15 August, 2008

This is what happens when I'm bored

Sorry Tim! Kudos to anyone who can guess who anyone is without clicking on the file and revealing their names. Btw, I used this to make these.

12 August, 2008

tonight's photoshop makeover

None other than that Rodeo Queen lady herself: Cindy McCain.

She used to be a ripe hottie, but years of stress and other personal issues take their toll. Let's see if I can't take off 10 or so years:

I eliminated a number of fine lines and the beginning of a "turkey neck", restored her lips to a more youthful fullness, brought up her sagging earlobe and changed that god awful lip colour to something more suiting a first lady in waiting. Not only that but I also made it so she didn't look like she just dipped her face (and only her face) into a vat of self-tanner.

11 August, 2008


I may have spent close to or possibly more than $500 tonight purchasing things for creative endeavours.

Most notably:

1) a bid on 14lbs (yes over 360 rolls) of expired film from a professional photographer (so it was cold stored and most likely very usable with interesting potential results) [max bid = $150]

2) A Print Gocco full kit PG-5. I have been wanting a Gocco for ages; I finally mustered the courage to ask the people at Pearl this weekend if they carry the printers somewhere as I could only find accessories out on the floor (no they don't). I was told to look online. Prices for these things have skyrocketed since they are no longer in production. This kit is used and comes with about 6 different colour inks at varying amounts of used-ness. [current max bid = $100; may increase if necessary]

3) A new medium format toy camera: namely, a Holga. It, like my Lomo TLR, takes 120 film (6cmx6cm negative). Ebay price was less than the lowest price I could find for it new on Amazon. Specifically because I want one with a hotshoe rather than a built in flash (I have heard you cannot turn off the flash; for this reason I'd rather have a hotshoe since I do already own 2 external flashes). It is plastic lensed and being a Lomo, it is famous (infamous?) for its mysterious light leaks and vignetting. I haven't been so excited for a camera in ages; not since I got my big, metal beasty Minolta. [max bid at less than 1hr = $22 (yay free shipping!)]

4) This is another huge one. I bought a bunch of stuff specifically FOR the Holga. Namely a square filter holder, a "grab bag" of various filters (30$ for about 40 some filters, sure I'll take that), some Polaroid 669 film (yes polaroid film for...wait for it...) and a Polaroid film back for the Holga. This was the big thing. I am VERY excited for this. It uses the Polaroid type 100 (or now, 667/669 type that has a 4x5 print area) peel-apart pack film. It was $129. I am really hoping I do not regret getting this and that it makes some awesome prints. I've loved pack film since getting to play with it in independent photo in High School, and the way the adapter is set up, I could probably also hook up a sort of deal like Ms. Hansen had with the slide projector focused on the pack adapter to make prints from slides (since both are a positive print, the negative of pack film is the "gunk" side that gets peeled away from the paper back).

5) I also ordered toothbrush heads for my toothbrush. This is not for a creative endeavour, but they were like $22!

In addition, I also photoshopped this woman to actually look like she belongs in the magazine she was pictured in: Young and Modern Knits.