28 March, 2007


So I am working my first overnight shift at work with a little over an hour left. I talked to Carlos, and he said me working 8pm to 6:30am is fine (and he agrees much safer), if not better than the shift I am presently on since the lady I am replacing works those hours, and this way it will really help out the other lady I will be working with.

It's been pretty slow. I think I did 3 jobs so far tonight and was in Production for about a half hour "learning" how to do that again. So I've been perusing such as eBay and Etsy looking at dress-making things. I really want to get a dress form so when I go to finish the Fidel dress I can tweak the neckline so it doesn't look completely messed up like it presently does, and so I can make sure to do the Nippon dress correctly without having to disassemble it and reassemble it 3 times like I've had to with Fidel.

I've mostly been looking at vintage dress and clothing patterns on etsy. Apparently in 1968, I would have been a size 18 or possibly larger. A size 16 dress had the approximate dimensions: 38, 29, 40; I think this would put Beth at a size 12 or 14 or something ridiculous like that. Either way, there are pretty much no patterns that are "vintage" anywhere that will fit me because I am too fat. I am also apparently to be sent home from work now as it is slow. It should be fun to walk up the hill, alone, at 4:30 in the morning.

23 March, 2007

Another note to myself, mostly...

I've been looking to get a new cell phone since I got paid from my job and got my tax refunds. After paying off my discover card, I'll have a reasonable chunk of change left to play with. Rather than do something responsible like put it into my IRA, I am instead opting to fritter it away on worthless things.

Presently, I am in love with the Nokia 7370. It is a model that isn't available for sale on the nokiausa.com website, but it is available in Canada, and there are unlocked ones on the ebays. However, I can get the Nokia 5300 for $99 if I contract with t-mobile again. It's a pretty decent phone, it has comparable, if not better features than the (universally) more expensive 7370, but it just isn't as pretty, and I'm sure a lot of people have it. I really want a phone that is more unique but also not 5 years old (like my present phone---no one else has it, but it is hell of old!). I don't know. I'll probably end up bidding on a 7370 on ebay, and not win it, and just get frustrated and end up buying the 5300 through contract renewal on t-mobile.com.

I ended up buying the 5300. It is a pretty nice phone. Lots of features, though the games available through t-mobile for download are pretty crap. I ended up having to sign up for WAP service so I could download Sudoku from a 3rd party developer. My only gripe is that if I am listening to music (on the MP3 player, not so much the radio) and using AIM on it, the music player tends to just stop playing and won't start again until I reboot the phone; however, rebooting the phone doesn't automatically disconnect me from AIM like it does with other phones, so at least I don't have to wait the minute, minute and a half it takes to log into AIM again.

20 March, 2007

David's Birthday

The 31st is David's birthday. As such, I will be missing D&D for that week so we will probably be playing the week after. His mom and sister are going to be coming down to the city for the day, and I'm pretty confident that the day's activities are going to fall to me to be planned.

Just as a sort of note to myself, as I was reading Chris Onstad's blog, I came across a restaurant David would probably like. It isn't in the city: it's in San Jose, but I figure that's good enough. If it is a no-go, I can always find something different.

The reastaurant is such as
Harry's Hofbrau. There's also one in Redwood City which may or may not be a bit closer. They don't have much by way of things I can eat, but they have some salads, and I can always just eat at home or something. It's not my day.

Edit: The closest location without having to pay the tolls twice (boo to the San Leandro location which is just .4 miles closer) is Foster City. 34 Minutes. Not bad; it'd probably take at least that long to find, agree to and walk to somewhere in the city itself.