28 March, 2007


So I am working my first overnight shift at work with a little over an hour left. I talked to Carlos, and he said me working 8pm to 6:30am is fine (and he agrees much safer), if not better than the shift I am presently on since the lady I am replacing works those hours, and this way it will really help out the other lady I will be working with.

It's been pretty slow. I think I did 3 jobs so far tonight and was in Production for about a half hour "learning" how to do that again. So I've been perusing such as eBay and Etsy looking at dress-making things. I really want to get a dress form so when I go to finish the Fidel dress I can tweak the neckline so it doesn't look completely messed up like it presently does, and so I can make sure to do the Nippon dress correctly without having to disassemble it and reassemble it 3 times like I've had to with Fidel.

I've mostly been looking at vintage dress and clothing patterns on etsy. Apparently in 1968, I would have been a size 18 or possibly larger. A size 16 dress had the approximate dimensions: 38, 29, 40; I think this would put Beth at a size 12 or 14 or something ridiculous like that. Either way, there are pretty much no patterns that are "vintage" anywhere that will fit me because I am too fat. I am also apparently to be sent home from work now as it is slow. It should be fun to walk up the hill, alone, at 4:30 in the morning.

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