23 March, 2007

Another note to myself, mostly...

I've been looking to get a new cell phone since I got paid from my job and got my tax refunds. After paying off my discover card, I'll have a reasonable chunk of change left to play with. Rather than do something responsible like put it into my IRA, I am instead opting to fritter it away on worthless things.

Presently, I am in love with the Nokia 7370. It is a model that isn't available for sale on the nokiausa.com website, but it is available in Canada, and there are unlocked ones on the ebays. However, I can get the Nokia 5300 for $99 if I contract with t-mobile again. It's a pretty decent phone, it has comparable, if not better features than the (universally) more expensive 7370, but it just isn't as pretty, and I'm sure a lot of people have it. I really want a phone that is more unique but also not 5 years old (like my present phone---no one else has it, but it is hell of old!). I don't know. I'll probably end up bidding on a 7370 on ebay, and not win it, and just get frustrated and end up buying the 5300 through contract renewal on t-mobile.com.

I ended up buying the 5300. It is a pretty nice phone. Lots of features, though the games available through t-mobile for download are pretty crap. I ended up having to sign up for WAP service so I could download Sudoku from a 3rd party developer. My only gripe is that if I am listening to music (on the MP3 player, not so much the radio) and using AIM on it, the music player tends to just stop playing and won't start again until I reboot the phone; however, rebooting the phone doesn't automatically disconnect me from AIM like it does with other phones, so at least I don't have to wait the minute, minute and a half it takes to log into AIM again.

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