20 March, 2007

David's Birthday

The 31st is David's birthday. As such, I will be missing D&D for that week so we will probably be playing the week after. His mom and sister are going to be coming down to the city for the day, and I'm pretty confident that the day's activities are going to fall to me to be planned.

Just as a sort of note to myself, as I was reading Chris Onstad's blog, I came across a restaurant David would probably like. It isn't in the city: it's in San Jose, but I figure that's good enough. If it is a no-go, I can always find something different.

The reastaurant is such as
Harry's Hofbrau. There's also one in Redwood City which may or may not be a bit closer. They don't have much by way of things I can eat, but they have some salads, and I can always just eat at home or something. It's not my day.

Edit: The closest location without having to pay the tolls twice (boo to the San Leandro location which is just .4 miles closer) is Foster City. 34 Minutes. Not bad; it'd probably take at least that long to find, agree to and walk to somewhere in the city itself.

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