10 April, 2007

I am a Superstar

So I started running again last week in an attempt to step up my workout for this month. I also did my Tamilee I want that Body DVD with the butt workout (which HURTS), and I lost a half inch all around in the last week (around arms, bust, waist, thighs [not hips though--those are pretty much down to skin, muscle and bone all the time at a whopping 39 inches]). I got a buttload of new clothes from such as Victorias Secret, J. Crew and Baby Phat. And even though I am bloated (thanks being a lady), everything fits pretty loosely and comfortably which tells me I should start probably buying my clothes in the next size down soon (so 10 for most things and 8 for others).

I got paid on Friday, so I might be ordering the dress form this week. With how I am dropping weight, I am definitely going to go for the size 6 to 12 form rather than the 10 to 16 one as I am fairly close to being a Vogue/McCall 12 (not taking into account the bust measurement, but I can adjust for that easily enough, and I'd have to anyway since I haven't worn a B-cup since I was 16). Speaking of which, I am thinking of buying this coat pattern and doing it in this fabric, which, if you look at it and its description, you will see that it is both a paisley print and cordoroy. Two things I absolutely love. Plus it is dark greens and browns with blue flecks and deep reds: all colours that look good on me.

There is a coat sort of like it at Urban Outfitters. I like the idea of the bright contrast buttons, but I'd like it in a more unique fabric, and I really like the warmth added by having the high-neck mandrin cut in the version A of the pattern, which is the one I'd likely make. Coats are a big undertaking, and this one in particular would require me to pay attention to neck measurements, but the good news is from the final measurements, this coat seems to fit the sizes with an extremely large amount of shift room---more than I usually like in a coat, so I could easily make it as a 12 and have it fit me now as a more fitted coat than a boxy coat. Though I would have to take into account whether or not I want the liner to be insulated or not. Probably not. Insulated coats tend to be too warm for me, but I'd still like a nice satin lining; something that feels good on bare skin since I often wear short sleeves under coats.

So yeah. Dress form. That's my next thing to buy. Then I can put the sewing machine to some use hopefully (I still need to find a place to set up though). I might put this off until I can find cheapish studio space to rent so I can just set up there for working on projects on weekends and stuff.

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