27 April, 2007

There are not fewer than 4 helicopters outside my window at work right now.

So, my aunt Barb---who is probably my most favourite aunt just because she's lead a pretty interesting and free-wheeling sort of life, and hell if I know what she did for a living before reaching retirement age, but she's always been one for wandering around, and I think I get a lot of her personality if personality is anything a person can inherit...Anyway, my aunt Barb. She's apparently got a new boyfriend, but he's also an old boyfriend (they went out together for a while some 27 years ago and just "found" each other again a month or two ago). His name is Ken. Ken and Barbie. My mom thinks that is adorable. Anyway, this Ken guy is a widower (I think his wife died about a year ago?), and his now-dead wife was an avid sewer/quilter. Apparently he is giving my mom and my aunt Trish her huge stash of fabric. My mom said she and Trish have been going through it, setting aside good things they like and setting the rest for garage sale this summer. She said the next time I'm home to bring an extra suitcase or bag to fill up. I am very excited. I asked her to set aside any sort of prints she thinks I might like, especially if there are prints on 2+ yards.

In other occurrences today, the security of the office building I work in has decided that people should no longer be allowed to use the stairwells as "shortcuts" between floors. I never really looked at the stairs as a shortcut, though they are generally faster than waiting for the elevators. I looked at them as a chance to get the blood flowing in my legs as well as a way to get between floors. I don't understand the logic behind having to use the elevator to go up or down one or two floors. This seems very inefficient both time- and energy-wise (like electricity that runs the elevators). And it isn't like there aren't 3 cameras staged at every stair door so they can see who is coming and going all the time. I mean I can understand maybe shutting down the numberpad doors until they can be switched to keycard access since numberpad doors are seemingly easier to hack, but the keycards are in place specifically to restrict access to certain offices, and I'd think that'd be easily applicable to floors. So if you're ever on floor 43 in the 555 California St. building in the middle of the night, starting next week, and see me doing walking lunges down the hallway to the elevator, you'll know why.

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