11 April, 2007

Etsy Site

I recently created an account at Etsy. I plan to be selling some of my existing shirt designs (Colonel Bomb, Firecat, Gingko Tree, Penguin Slide). I am also preparing to do a couple new ones that I will likely use spraypaint with at least one part of them (Revolution in Your Cup logo shirt, I'm for the Sauce) which means making some stencil rigs that involve cardboard frames wide enough to avoid getting excess spray around the design onto the fabric. I might post, for made-to-order (though most things are going to be made-to-order, but I'd like to have one or two of each shirt in Medium and Small on hand), a couple of the dress styles from American Apparel for Colonel Bomb and Gingko Tree.

So far, I've printed Bomb on navy blue, black and hot pink; I think it looks best on Black (which bleaches out to a sort of orange colour). I've printed Gingko on a cranberry red AA shirt, which bleaches out to sort of rosey pink. Penguin slide on cornflower blue, which turns the closest to white with the bleachout of anything and looks generally very clean.

And no one has requested a shirt in the Firecat, but it prints very cleanly on my test fabric. I might print it on my green shirtdress or possibly on my red AA dress or just order something completely different for it. I think it would look good on such as a long orange tank or single-shoulder in brown, maybe up by the shoulder strap and slightly cropped. It might work well as a spray design with some sort of light spray out encircling it in which case, I'd have to make a mask to spray around so I get clean lines around the design with a bleedout. It would work well this way with a sort of dandilion motif that scatters across the shirt.

When I am in Davis for Picnic Day, I'm going to ask Zac to model his shirt for me so I can photograph it for the site. I might bring the Gingko shirt with me and maybe ask Lucia if she could model it for me since she is smaller than I am; or possibly Kirsten if she's got time when she stops by for her caramels (in that case, I might just let her keep it). Likewise, I need David to model the Penguin Slide for me. This is my t-shirt fee---modeling service. I intend to get a shirt that fits me better to print the Firecat on so I can model that myself. I might try to get Tim to do the RevCup or Sauce shirts when I make the prototypes since he's got that awesome mustache now.

I should probably invest in a cheapo printer that works with Mac so I can print shipping labels from home since USPS does home pick-up now so I can not have to go to the damned post office every time I need to ship something (which is a big pain in the ass and is a guarantee of an hour of my day). I emphasise it working with Mac because my most recent tech purchase (a 5MP tiny digital camera) has NO Mac support to speak of for its default state. It does take SDRam cards, which I can buy a 2GB one and a reader and be done with it, but that is more dosh and more crap to plug into my computer and more wires and/or plastic thingies for kitten to want to chew on and for me to lose. I can say I'm surprised it doesn't work since most things "just work" with macOS; even my mom's Sony digital camera that when she got it, the Sony website said in big red letters "WE DO NOT SUPPORT MAC FOR THIS CAMERA", and it worked just fine with it; it just read it as an external hard disk. I think because this camera largely depends upon firmware/software for its diskmode rather than having a solid, dedicated diskmode like my past digital cameras, it doesn't "just work". If I'd known it had no mac support, I wouldn't have bought it, but thems the breaks I guess.

On an unrelated note, I forgot the salad I'd gotten specifically to eat for dinner, so the only food I have at work is a sad little 100 calorie thing of microwave popcorn. I am not in the best mood being my finger hurts from having the scab ripped off; someone dropped the level of my chair to be too low, and I can't get it back up which makes the desk hit my forearms in a painful manner; my stomach hurts; I got spoken to about wearing headphones in the office because I couldn't hear Lynn (as I had them up loud enough to drown out the horrible top 40 station people here insist upon listening to) even though when I started, Carlos said I could wear headphones and listen to music or whatever if I wanted to on overnights. SIGH. Anyway workload has kind of dropped off after 1:30ish; I'm kind of hoping to get sent home early so maybe I can take a nap before running the dog. Oh when I was running last week, I did 2 miles in about 25 minutes. Not bad for not having run for quite some time. Granted it took me about 20 minutes to get ready for the run in the first place so I ended up not getting to bed until almost 9am (ouch!).

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