26 April, 2007

Sometimes I hate my phone

So my phone decided once again to not make any sounds today, and since it is my alarm clock, this means I slept until 4 today. Which sucks because that means I didn't have time to clean the kitchen today or work out or scan things in for Co/Lab. All I had time to do was eat breakfast, take a shower, walk the dog and finish sewing what I could on the Nippon Dress (which is coming along very nicely).

I had a visit from our patio-mates down in the other side of the apartment. She is having people from out of town this weekend and wanted me to clean my side of the patio. Which I did. It was just a ball of tin foil, some paper bags and one of Pavel's giant water jug things (why he doesn't get the refillable ones is beyond me; it's cheaper that way and more environmentally sound). This annoyed me greatly for some reason. I think the reason is because on Thursday of last week, someone stole our recycling bin from in front of our apartment. See I always thought recycling day was Tuesday because I'd usually be the one hauling the bin back in after taking the dog out for his afternoon walk, but last week it was raining, and the bin was full of water so I left it outside. Apparently recycling day for our block is Monday; David just didn't feel like bringing the bin in on Monday after he got home from work. When it wasn't raining. When it would make sense to do this.

I'm just generally peeved today at myself and at anything that remotely inconveniences me. I don't want to be at work. And if I do have to be here, I would have liked it if Lynn weren't sick this week so she would be here tonight as she is enjoyable to talk to and then I could also give her the t-shirt back (and get my $10).

I took some pictures of the view out the window in front of me before leaving work this morning; hopefully I'll be of sound enough body to wake up at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon so I can work out and get things scanned and on the internet and also off my phone onto flickr.

edit: oh yeah, I still haven't gotten my pay stub from WL yet for this last pay period; I don't think I got one from the first pay period either for that matter. This is quite an annoyance because I like to see how my time at work directly corrolates to my pay.

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