26 April, 2007

Things to remember for the weekend:

Cat toothbrush
Sewing Machine
Nippon Dress
Old pot for melting crayons

If things come in the Mail:
Az's Polos
Spray Paint
masking tape
cutting mat
xacto knife
plastic sheeting
poofy dress sewing pattern
sewing bag, extra pushpins

I might bring more fabric things and start in on the quilt if I decide to stay in Davis until Monday for Co/Lab Monday-meeting, but if the orders from Old Navy or J. Crew come tomorrow, I will have plenty to do without that as I can start in on bleaching/spraying shirts on Sunday in Davis and just work on that all day. The only reason I'm bringing the sewing machine is because I can go to JoAnn (or possibly a different non-chain fabric store!) this weekend and get fabric for the flounce as well as netting for the poof dresses and additional fabric for the skirt of said dresses (granted they come in the mail tomorrow). Hopefully there will be ladies such as Lucia and Monica around that I can perchance goad into modeling lady things for me; otherwise I might be able to get Kirsten to do it, but since she works during the day on Monday, I don't know the chances of this. I'll probably try to get out her way on Saturday evening or Sunday at some point to bring her the caramels and just visit and see if she'd be interested in modeling anything for me.

I've also been kicking around ideas for Co/Lab shirts. I know they are probably doing silk screening not this weekend but during drinko (or even possibly monday?), and I'd really like to contribute at least one fleshed idea for that. I can probably work on it tonight at work. We'll see.

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