04 May, 2007

Am I Gay?

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I don't think so, but apparently google thinks my blog is. Or at very least that it panders or caters to gay or possibly-gay (gay-curious?) readers. I just noticed this when I was finishing up reading my daily comics and adding new comics that I'd caught up with to my ever-expanding list of links.

Today the dog did not poop on his evening walk. I miss my kitty. I can fold over the waistband on pretty much all of my jeans. I owe Lynn $10.

I apologize to Collab for not being there last weekend; I couldn't make it. I do have a buttload of crayons.

This afternoon (it is still the "same day" for me as I work overnights and have not slept yet), I finished my skirt. I will wear it tomorrow in triumph over the button hole function of my sewing machine as well as my inability to do a neat, straight hem.

That's all the news for today. Keep it real, true believers.