23 May, 2007

Apparently Derrick reads my Blog

I almost feel bad for the lack of updates now that I know someone is actually reading it (look! there is a comment).

Here's what's been going on in the wide world of Jen as of late:
I've been playing a lot of Neverwinter Nights. I set up a server for it on my desktop. If anyone wants to play; presently it is just me and Tim, and soon maybe Az. It will pop up in the Teams section of their multiplayer play occasionally as Ultra Butts, but really the best way is to email me, and I'll let you know about when we might be playing next; or if you want to just go play, I'll turn on the server. It isn't anything fancy yet, it is just the base game. I got a modular builder for mac, but I have yet to figure out how to delete objects, so a custom world is probably going to be a while.

I bought 3 new DVDs: Devil's Backbone (by the same guy who did Pan's Labyrinth), Brazil and Season 2 of Venture Brothers. I have two (soon to be three once my fabric comes) sewing projects going, one of them (and soon two) are variations (C & E) of this dress (Mari, if you read this, don't follow that link) and the other being this skirt from no pattern---I am just making it up as I go.

I bought some new clothes last week mostly because all of my pants are too big for me. I wear a solid size 10 pant at Express now, and I can fit into medium size shirts at most places now (though button-ups I still have to wear the largest or nearly largest size I can find due to the rack). I have come to the conclusion that the W01 Skinny Fit jeans at express are actually cut to make you look skinny, not cut any thinner than their other jeans because they fit me in the thigh and ass just as well as the curvy cut, but the curvy cut isn't nearly as flattering (I get a lot of muffin top in the curvy cut). I might go back and buy a pair of size 8 as something to shoot for.

Oh, Tim's character died in D&D last week because he was being a dick. My character acquired a house full of awesome books.

I printed 20 some of the Col. Bomb t-shirts. I am going to be selling them for $16 (+$2.50 shipping in the US; $5 abroad) in my etsy shop. I started making a gingko tree shirt for Kirsten, but realized half of my stencils for it are in Davis.

Lucifer got attacked by the same stupid lady's dumb black standard poodle twice last week: once with me and once with David. Both times she told each of us that her dog never attacks other dogs. I am thinking this is bullshit. I've been taking steps to avoid her at the park when I'm with the dog.

Presently, I am making my first noodle salad of the year. I am using Annie's whole wheat shells and cheese, broccoli, pepper strips and corn. I might throw some extra cheeses in there for good measure. Hopefully it will be done enough for me to bring to work with me for dinner.

Oh David also finally realised his dream of owning a fixed gear bicycle and bought one last weekend. It is turquoise with white handlebars and seat. He is happy that it has a brake so that he doesn't have to skid down the big hill we live on when he goes to work.

I love fat free philly. It is the best. Only 30 calories per 2 tbsp serving! I finished the noodle salad. I put about 3 tbsp of philly in there with the regular powder cheese, and it has about an equal vegetable-to-noodle ratio.

And now I am going to clean the cat box.


Derrick Williams ... said...

I love how random your updates are. One just never knows what they're going to read. Yay noodle salad. Yay killing D&D characters out of spite. Boo crabby lady's dumb dog. And "meow" to that skirt in the link ...

Derrick Williams ... said...
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