28 December, 2007

Last Friday of 2007

I am listening to Radio Current (on Minnesota Public Radio) tonight and reading the internet.

Being it is the end of the year, it is time for me to think about getting my ducks in a row as it may be. Here is a list of things I hope to accomplish in the coming year:
  1. Finally get down to my goal weight (125 – 130lbs), I am a lot closer than I was last year (presently sitting at 150 from 195 a year ago), but I've plateaued. It is time to step it up
  2. Apply myself to a greater degree at my internship and (hopefully) land a real position if not an awesome reference
  3. Get all my transcripts from UMD, Ai, Century within the next 2 months so I have them for T4A applications next year
  4. Finish my T4A application in the first round of applicants
  5. Save $8,000 – 10,000 by July
  6. Land at least one freelance illustrating gig
  7. Finish a painting a month
  8. Finish a comic a week

I am leaving this at 8 things. I don't believe in lists of 10 or something.

Anyway, I was reading Derrick's Blog, and it occurs to me I haven't seen or spoken to my father for almost 10 years. Not that he was really an integral part of my life before then. He's always been the definition of an absentee parent when it comes to me (he is plenty involved with Jody though, probably because he had 12 years of face time with Jody before he left my mom and me when I was 3).

I don't know who really reads my blog since no one ever leaves me comments, but I'd like to know from those of you who have them. What is it like to have a father? What is it like to have a dad who is actually there and cares about you? I'm not asking for pity or anything. I got over my dad years ago. I am just curious now because it isn't something I'd really experienced.

Thanks and happy new year. Good luck in all things to come.


Jen Dockter said...

I meant in the first round of next year's applications. Obviously this year's has passed.

Derrick Williams ... said...

It's a bit tough to explain what it's like to have a dad around. I mean, it's like asking what it's like to have a right hand.

When someone has't got one, they adapt.

I'd say you're OK without a major father figure. Clearly.

LIke I don't fret too much about my mom, I'd steer clear of focusing on your father's absence too much.

We love you.