13 December, 2007

No teaching job

So I had an interview for a teaching job at Miami Ad School on Monday. It went reasonably well; however, apparently (though this may just be a line, I don't know), the lady emailed me yesterday afternoon to let me know that her boss (who coordinates the classes) decided to not have the class I'd be teaching (Adobe Illustrator CS for freshmen) offered this coming quarter. Likely due to low sign-up for it or something. Who knows.

Other than that, the internship I'm doing is going fairly well. I worked with another intern today on some holiday envelope things Seidel is sending out to clients---today instead of tomorrow (Friday, my normal intern day) because the office is taking the day off then. I also had an impromptu phone interview with Williams Sonoma yesterday as I was getting ready for work which went as well as an interview I had absolutely no time to prep for could. The guy said he would have someone in touch with me by some time next week. This would be a good job to get as it would open a lot of doors for me career-wise. I've pretty much given up on doing T4A this year because though I finished my essays, my respective colleges have not gotten any of my transcripts back to me (save UDC, go figure), and the deadline is fast approaching, and there is an entire second part of the application I'd have to go through. I'm really upset about this, but considering how Tim should probably put in a solid year at his place of work just so he's employable elsewhere, I don't really see a huge problem with it. When I'm filling it out for next year, I do have solid reasons as to why I didn't finish my application this year.

I also took some pictures today because I have realized that I am very close to having the flat stomach I've wanted for years, and though I haven't really dropped any major poundage in the last couple weeks, my body composition seems to be shifting quite a bit. I am into size 8 pants now, and Beth is telling me I am likely smaller than she. My biggest annoyance is that seemingly no matter how thin I am looking when I am standing up, when I sit down, it is as though my body finds all these hidden fat reserves and pools them around my midsection so it looks like I am sitting with an innertube in my shirt. This is likely due to poor sitting posture though, which is something I need to work on, but I am lazy. I'm down to about 150lbs now; so, I weigh half a Derrick :) This is what biking 5 miles 4 days a week in SF (with only one real hill to go up) gets you after about 6 months. That and not having a whole lot of money which means eating at home a lot or just not at all unless one is real hungry.

Tim and I were actually telling Robyn what we'd eaten today, and she's all "omg you guys eat like nothing, what are you a bunch of anorexics or something!" and we're like "no! we're hungry right now! geez!" We did eat out tonight with Robyn and Fei, and Travis was there for some time, but he left before Fei got there because he was feeling sick (mouth problems, not feeling good after yesterday, etc.). We went to this French cafe that we found off of Bush / Kearny Streets in an alleyway (it is next to Sam's Grille) . Their menu had 3 things that weren't appetizers that were vegetarian, but one of them had pears (an endive / spring mix salad with bleu cheese and walnuts, please please please do these with apples, I love all these things so much :( but I'm allergic to pears), and so it was the pasta which was tasty (it was a vegetable and cheese ravioli in a garlic oil sauce with big cloves of soft, sweet garlic...mmm). I also had two of this drink that is made with Gin and Basil which was weird but also delicious. We split this appetizer that had warm goat cheese and a sweet pepper sauce and golden raisins as well. The breadboy there was on top of matters and brought us like 3 baskets of bread right as we'd finish them! WTG breadboy! Fei got a strawberry tartlette after an emphatic recommendation from the waitress, Robyn got probably the biggest creme brulee I'd ever seen, and I got this thing about an island in a lake of caramel sauce (it was a meringe that tasted a little eggy for my liking because I thought it was supposed to be almond or something, but whatever, it was still really good), and Tim got a tripleshot of a liquer I thought sounded interesting, though he did not say whether it was tasty or not. It was good times.

I am at work now and very tired and a little cold. There is not much to do at the moment, and after surveying the bankers, it doesn't sound like there will be much to do later on either. Since I got here at 9:30, that means I can't go home until 1:30 at the earliest lest I tempt the wrath of Paolo for leaving before 4 hours is up (since in the state of CA, employers have to pay full-time, hourly employees for the first 4 hours of work whether they work them all or not if they get sent home due to lack of work or whatever).

This has been an incredibly long post.

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