24 December, 2007

Holiday Push

Good day blog. Being it is the holiday time, and I have found myself with tomorrow off (and the next day, also new year's eve, but not new year's day herself), I decided I should do some things prior to year end.

These are the things I intend to accomplish or at least get a good go on:
  1. "Finishing" and posting pictures of the painting I'd stopped working on a few months ago
  2. Getting my website operational and with real content
  3. Scanning and finishing a number of comics I've got built up
  4. Making a cheesecake for holiday celebrations (this I am likely doing tomorrow evening)
  5. Acquiring some new, interesting music as it occurs to me I have not really done this at all this year
  6. Expanding, if not finishing, my D&D module so that maybe we can play it when Az is here in January
  7. Attempting the construction of a pair of pants or perhaps a short coat for wearing on the bike
  8. Finally getting Tim's bike in operational status

Granted these are high hopes for someone as easily distracted as I am, especially since the call of finishing at least the original module of Neverwinter Nights 2 is like a siren song to me (I am oh so close to the end of chapter 2, and chapter 3, from what small amounts I've seen on gamefaqs is to be a shorter one), but I figure maybe I can keep myself from this for a week, and see how happy Tim is when he finishes it out (which I'm sure he'll be able to do without me using his computer).

I think since I finished my scrabble game with Beth, a lot of the call of the internet is to a minimum since she is often occupied at Andy's so I have little reason to be online when I'm not at work. Much to Tim's dismay it may be a week of me wearing headphones so he doesn't have to listen to the droning type of music I enjoy working to. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the time I need to be using my big computer (that occupies a connection to the monitor that he and I share) to times when he is not home so as to inconvenience him as little as possible (and also so he can keep himself occupied and as such from distracting me).

I almost feel I should send out letters of mock thanks to my prior institutes of learning for not getting really any of the transcripts I needed for T4A to me in the TWO MONTHS since I'd asked for them. Though this is partially my fault for being really bad at follow-up on these matters.

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