21 June, 2007

why I love San Francisco and other miscellaneous musings.

A week ago Tuesday, Tim came up to go to a rock show with Tarvis. That day, we kicked around town with Robyn, and then Travis met up with us later when we were at Blondie's eating some slices. It was a fun day. We inevitably parted ways: Robyn to go home to Hayward, Tim and Travis to go to their show, and me to go home and prepare for work that night. On my way up Powell, and up the hill home, I walked past a legless bum who was being pushed by another bum. The legless bum told me, very loudly, that I was a whore.

The Friday night (well, Saturday morning at about 2:40am) before, I was treated to a bum masturbating under a blanket on my walk home from work. He had graciously cut a hole in the blanket so I could see his hand working furiously.

Last night when I was taking Lucifer for his evening walk, I was walking down Sacramento St. as usual, and I noticed that there was a man with a large rottweiler on the side of the street I was presently on. Lucifer tends to get worked up when he walks past other dogs on the sidewalk, so I chose to cross the street at the intersection before where this man was. On the way home, I noticed there was a firetruck at the top of the block, but I didn't really know what was going on. As I came closer, the man with the rottweiler was still there. He was standing on the dog's leash, had a cellphone earpiece in his ear, and was just saying "OW FUCK" loudly over and over again. The firemen were getting out of the truck as I was approaching, and apparently they were there for him. I had to cross the street in front of the truck (they had pulled down the one-way facing the wrong direction!) to avoid running into crazy man with the large dog.

Also last night, when I was walking to work (running late, so pretty much at 11pm), there was a man on the sidewalk in front of me who was walking more slowly than I. As I went to go around him on the left, he started veering left, and I couldn't go left anymore as there was a large mailbox thing in my way; so, I quickly changed direction to go right, and then he veered right, but I was quicker than he, and I was able to get around him.

I am kind of hoping my walk home is less eventful.

I am going to Minnesota today (yay!); as such I will be staying up after work to pack and finish up some projects and go get some cosmetic things done (waxing, pedicure). As such, I managed to spend $10.40 at Starbucks downstairs. I got a fruit and cheese "plate" ($5.25, and really worth every penny, it's got a lot of fruit, some nutbread and a decent amount of cheese that includes cheddar, dill havarti and a 2 oz wedge of brie—3 of my favourite cheeses), an 8.45 fl. oz. Pellegrino (I have a cold right now and the fizzy water helps break up the soreness of my throat—I have no idea how much this cost, but I'm sure it was outrageously expensive for how much liquid it contains), and a medium, five-shot, non-fat, extra-foam latte with one packet of raw sugar, some cinnamon and nutmeg (base price for a regular 2 shot medium latte is $3.25 I think, so this was probably like $4.00 at least). This is likely the only food I will eat until I get to Minnesota other than the snackpack they give me on the plane because I really hate eating when I'm flying (I get really painfully gassy), and it seems the longer I'm awake, the less I want to eat anything (which is the complete opposite of most people, I know). I'm just going to pretty much ride the caffeine high until I get to the airport and can sleep while waiting for my plane and again on the plane. I get away with this because as I get older, I become a lighter sleeper, so anyone who'd mess with my stuff would wake me up before they even got hands on it.

Also, anyone who is around the bay area: I would love if you had an awesome, cheap apartment on the ocean beach/richmond side of town for us to live in that allows cats. kthxbai

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