28 October, 2007


I broke my glasses last night. Optometrists are not open on Sundays; not even the ones that work for such places as Pearl or Hour Eyes. Plus I'd rather at very least go to one that is covered by my health insurance so even if I can't find my vision plan card to pay for frames + lenses, I won't have to pay for my eye check and prescription write out.
They broke on the joint between the top of the left (my left) lense and the nose piece. The entire top rims of my glasses are now coated in duct tape. I might install a paperclip if this proves to be too feable.
That's all that's going on with me other than working on a website, working (not very well) on my T4A stuff (which NO ONE IS HELPING ME WITH THANKS JERKS) and Tim and I helped Travis move last night then went to Old Jerusalem for dinner. Tim forgot his wallet, so I got to pay for us. I have no money.
We could have gone with Travis to a party last night, but Tim opted not to, and I don't like to go to parties where I won't really know anyone with just one other person because then it's like I just follow them around all night, where if there are two or more people I know, I'm more apt to mingle and actually make new friends.
Oh well.
I am in a terrible mood right now because these taped up glasses are bugging both my field of vision and my skin (especially after I was biking because my face was a little sweaty), and I am at work because I switched with Benita. AT LEAST I will get Thursday off this week, and if I can't get into an optomitrist before then, I'll have the whole day to do so.
If I bother to install a paperclip into my frame setup tonight, I will likely try to hold off buying glasses at an optomitrist (as my insurance might not cover it) and opt for the less expensive route of buying them on the internet with my wrote out 'scrip.

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