29 October, 2007

went to the eye doctor

I got my new scrip which the doc was nice enough to give me written out without me even having to ask.

I did ask if I could try contacts again, and she indulged me in vain attempts to put in one-day-wear contacts while my eyes were still mildly droopy and numb from the glaucoma test eyedrops. She was very patient with me even though I was a big fumbling doof. This did not meet with much success which is too bad because I'd like contacts for such things as going out to shows dancing (glasses are too big a risk of falling off), swimming and other showy / sporty events. I think the combination of me not being too familiar anymore with the sensation of touching my eye, the numbness of my eyelids making them difficult to control, and the fact that I think she had me trying on too-big of lenses spelled failure in this instance. But for those of you (Beth) who have been insisting I should try contacts again for the last couple of years; I now have, and failed. I might be able to try again when I go to pick up my frames if she has time. I might ask if I can't get a smaller size lense since even though my eyes are big, it is difficult for me to stretch my lids open enough to get a lense that is literally half the size of my eye in. The other reason I thought they were too big was because I could FEEL them once she put them in for me. I have had contacts before. I know how they are supposed to feel, and this felt WRONG. I told her this, and she got a smaller size for me to try, but by this point, my eyes were so angry at me, I couldn't keep them open enough to get them in.

I did, however, find some really cute new frames which will take about a week and a half to produce and get to me. I might also order some cheaper frames off the internet since I can use my 'scrip in addition to the frame size on my current glasses to get ones that fit. Probably a pair of sunglasses. I'd like to check out some of the eyeglass stores around me to see if I can't find anything fun for a backup pair that doesn't cost mondo dollars.

Anyone who has contacts suggestions, let me know.

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