11 March, 2008

Summer's Hot Colours

From research I've done, three of this summer's hottest colours are going to be silver, white and deep, ocean or mediterranean blues. I took this to heart in two elements of my summer line, the first of which involves the refashioning of a thriftstore buttoned shirt (the shirt is a thicker duck cotton which bodes well for using boning) into a boned halter. This paired with white linen shorts accented by silver buttons and silver shoes (and a silver beret when I get around to making it!) is both stylish and practical for the hot months ahead. Being I am more, erm, well-endowed than many of my female friends, I am opting to use boning in the top rather than just giving it princess seams and a sweetheart neckline because this way I don't have to wear a bra with it.

The shorts are care of a pattern from BurdaStyle; the top, I d on't really have a pattern for, but I am not even going to dare it until I have my dressform because there are just too many things that can go wrong. I plan on having it open backed and with a zipper, so it has to be very well-fitted because there will be no wiggle room if I make it too small, and if I make it too big, I'll just be falling out of it all the time.

The top is going to be made into a halter care of some white stretch lace from a thriftstore dress, and I think I am altering the shorts pattern by adding a back pocket as I think the original pattern has no pockets, which is completely unacceptable.

Another using this season's colours is using the top bit of that white dress to make one of those sort of pillow-case billowy shirts that beg to be cinched that have been in style for the last couple of years (and show no signs of slowing down in popularity). Cinched with a silver belt made with satin and a metal ring and snaps which shines even in comparison to the bright, mediterannean blue skinny jeans made from light summer weight twill, highlighted with silver overstitching, buttons and rivets. I could not find an adaquate swatch for the hat as it is silver brocade silk (from Britex at a fell $35/yard on sale), it is by far the most luxe item in this outfit.

This is another outfit that will likely see a lot of play, particularly because it is something I could actually wear to work and ride my bike in. Also the long pants bode well for SF nights when it does get considerably chilly. I might throw together a bolero or a quilted wrap to go along with it for such nights. Not only that but brightly coloured pants are so in vogue, and at $90 a pop at American Apparel, I think I can take a couple of days to make my own without feeling like I'm wasting my time.


Mar said...

I love that shade of blue!

adele said...

Impressive. Very stylish!