11 March, 2008

What exactly have I been working on?

Well, aside from a variety of shopping bags and an apron for Robyn's birthday, I've been dedicating a great deal of my free time recently to two sewing projects, one of which is for a contest on BurdaStyle: an alteration or permutation of the Sidone Skirt.

This is part of my spring/summer '08 line I've been working on which I will (hopefully) be making a couple more posts with my paperdoll (I am horrible at doing fashion croques because of all my training in drawing realistic figures, they always look mutated to me, so I try to leave them as sketchy as possible as if I clean them up too much, I get the proportions to be "too realistic") and the other elements of my line.

When I started laying out this skirt, I realised I had a lot more of the red satin that I bought (at a steal of a price, and almost 3 yards of it!) than I had originally thought, so I am definitely going to make this matching slinky red top along with opera-length gauntlets that have (granted I have enough of it left) stretch mesh fingerlets and lace at the top. Overall, a bitchin outfit for shows or freaking out old folks. The piece du resistance on this outfit being 3 silver buttons I found and fell in love with.

The lace and the mesh which are elements of the skirt and gauntlets are from two shirts that I thrifted for much less than the fabric would have cost me new (lace is obscenely expensive, especially for lace that has a finished, scallopped edge like the ample amounts that are on this shirt I got).

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