29 May, 2008

Dear Kate Beaton: an email to be read that I was afraid to send from my work address.


You do not know me, nor do I know you, but from reading your comics I have discovered you found a way to procure massive (?) amounts of money so as to pay off your college loan in a quicker way.
I also have a fairly useless degree (at least in the current economic state my country of US is in) and quite the sizable college loan. How does one go about procuring dreadful work that though dreadful will possibly pay off my college loan much more quickly than the dreadful work I do now? I have heard that it is not difficult to get work visas in Canada if one has a college degree and knows some amount of French (I have and can do both!).
Perhaps your dreadful workplace has an equally dreadful place that is also equal in money-making capacity somewhere in the United States (Alaska?)?
Please let me know if you know anything (or not!). Either way, thanks for the laffs; your comic is a hoot.
From a confused and broke Minnesotan in California,
Jen Dockter

PS. Don't be fooled that I work for Goldman Sachs, I work in their services department through a 3rd party staffing company. I make very little money; particularly for the cost of living in such a place as San Francisco.

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