26 June, 2008


I leave tomorrow (Friday? Well it's midnight Friday at any rate) to go to Minnesota for Moose Lake. I hope it doesn't rain all weekend, but I also hope there is at least one good thunderstorm so Tim can see what a thunderstorm should be.

We played a boxed D&D campaign over at Zac and Lucia's tonight (with Zac and Lucia); it was pretty fun. I'm really excited for starting our main game with Az. The first real 4ed game we'll be playing; this one is like a warm-up which is also a good time to introduce Lucia to the game since we're all kind of newbs at this new system.

I hope to do some drawing up at the lake, but that generally doesn't happen too well since I am easily distracted. It will probably only occur if I can get Mari into doing a co-op with me (her writing some words and me doing a drawing to go along with it); or maybe her future hubby may be willing to co-op on something. I feel like I need some level of co-op to not feel like what I'm doing is trash.

Either way this trip should be good for me. I've been mighty antsy lately, and I really just want to get out of town for a while.

In other news; I bought these yesterday. You know, since the cats lost everything but my can of d6s.

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