17 July, 2008

Holy shit maple cookies

I leave for Chicago tomorrow afternoon. Part of the way there, we will be deboarding and changing planes. The location of this being in Denver (SWA's primary hub). At this juncture, we will be joined by such as Azver and Fei; from which we will embark to the magical windy city of deep dish pizzas and shiny beans for the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Evidently I made the mistake of buying tickets for Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday as no one told me that Friday is basically a big snorefest only highlighted by the fact that both Sebadoh and Public Enemy will be playing one song each. Yes. ONE SONG. What the hell? When I bought my tickets months ago, they hadn't nailed down a solid line up for any of the days, just what some of the bands were and Sebadoh was a big selling point for me. Me and Sebadoh go way back all the way to high school days listening to them on Radio K (KUMN---University of MN main campus's radio station, listen to it anytime on radiok.org) and reading about them in the CMJ (College Music Journal). The fact that they are only playing ONE song on Friday sort of irks me on many levels, one of which being the whole feeling of "just who do these assholes think they are?". Needless to say, Tim and I are likely skipping Friday to go tool around the city with the Joneses and try to scare up something interesting to do.

In other news, Thomas (a coworker) has returned from Canada and brought delicious cookies to the office. They are maple flavour and in bilingual packaging.


Anonymous said...

Not to be rude...But it's ONE ALBUM...not one song...So you will get your Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in its entirety..and before that, you will get Bubble and Scrape by Sebadoh, the whole thing, Soul and Fire to Flood - Take back what you said, cause Friday is the day to be there, actually. Where in the world did you hear ONE SONG?

Jen Dockter said...

Haha hilarious. Take it back. What is this? Third grade? I heard it was going to be just one song from about 3 different sources as did my friends who opted to not buy tickets for Friday.
If the concert organizers had really cared about people showing up on Friday, they would have been clearer in the band line-ups exactly what was going on.
Besides, who wants to go to see a band just play ONE ALBUM? That is stupid, if I wanted to listen to one album for one band, I'd go listen to that album, not see the band live. I go to see bands live for how the set lists encompass music they've done over the course of their history. People who go to just see "the new stuff" are the same idiots who only like the songs they hear on the radio.