29 July, 2008

sleepy at work

Well I got the one week tryout for the calorie king software thing. It is pretty neat; its foods database is much more extensive than any other tracker I've run across in the past. It might actually be worth paying for, especially how on the daily reports it tells me how much weight a "normal person" would lose in a month with that day's eating habits. I have been trying to plan menues with it, but I usually end up eating somewhat differently than what I initially put in every day (usually less food, sometimes a little more). Like today I had made a big salad for my lunch (Tim's dinner) and entered the calories as though I'd be eating half of it, then put in that I would have a sort of naan meatball sandwich for dinner at work tonight. Well, I ended up not eating half of the salad (just like 2/3s of the half), and Tim packed it up for me to bring to work for dinner. Where I did not eat it because I'm just not hungry. I also had some trail mix and wasabi peas that I hadn't factored in yet. So yeah. It's good for like doing the basics of what I think I am going to be eating, but it is in depth enough and flexible enough to allow for easy changing of what I do actually end up having.
My scale is in need of its first new battery ever (I've had it since I don't know like 2004 or 2003?). It just registers as low battery if anyone tries to weigh themselves on it.
My tightest pants that formerly gave me one hell of a muffin top are now fitting like they should. They are still very tight, but they don't fall down and also don't make me look chunky. This is good. I wore them during the weekend a little at pitchfork (mostly just to fly out there and then home again). They were fitting like this shortly before I left, but travel and eating out a lot makes me get hell of bloated (stress and sodium mixed with a lower water intake? I don't know) so they were very uncomfortable for the flight home.
I haven't had any diet sodas for a week now. I'm a little headachy around this time in the morning due to pretty much halving my caffeine intake, but I do feel a lot better for it, and I have been sleeping more restfully too (ie, I am not waking up every two or three hours to every little noise outside or the cats getting up and walking about). The only real issue with it is that I am just exhausted every morning when I am leaving work. This makes the bike ride home much less enjoyable---not that it is terribly enjoyable to begin with.
I almost can't wait for Lynn to come back totally from her baby leave so I can maybe walk to work a one or two days a week. I don't even know if I would though considering my commute makes up the majority of my exercise, and if I get sent home at 2am, I sure as hell am not walking through the TL to get there. My white girl ass is taking a taxi home. I guess I could throw in an extra or extended weights session on those days, but that might end up being an every-time-I-walk-to-work occurance.

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Mar said...

I wish it were feasible for me to bike to work. :( Although, I did find a bus that goes down Lexington (and I can walk that far), so I no longer have to drive at all. Woo!