08 September, 2008

Why I have no Money

So this last weekend has sucked ass in a major way. Tim and I are now extremely broke. We'd noticed that Juan (one of our cats) had been going in and out of the litter box and being otherwise strange. We took a look at him, and his belly was very hard and his anus was somewhat distended, so on early Saturday morning, we brought him to the emergency vet. He had to have a cathedar put in. Juan has urinary crystals again and has to be put on acidifier food for the rest of his life to avoid another blockage. They kept him all day and over night and then for most of the day on Sunday too. They gave him an enema because they suspect the stress of not being able to urinate caused him to not deficate either, and he was really backed up. Oh and when they were trying to sedate him to do the cathedar, they gave him an opiate that he reacted badly to, so they had to flush that out of his system and give him a different drug.
When all said and done, this all cost about $2000, and after paying out the ass for the deposit on our new apartment, we have no money.
The discharge nurse who talked to us stressed that we need to watch him and make sure that he does actually deficate at some point in the next few days after he gets a decent amount of food in him because he might have some problem with his colon. She said that it is usually an issue with much, much older cats where their colons become over stretched and the nerves then don't react to tell the cat to deficate. She didn't go into detail as to what would have to be done in this case, but I don't even want to think about it. Aside from that, we have to also make sure he isn't straining to urinate and is being productive with it because otherwise he is going to probably need a different surgery to open up his urethra more which will probably be an obscene amount of money.
So yeah. Awesome times! This pretty much means I will for sure not be going to MN this fall. Also that I won't be buying a cintiq at any point in the near future cos I'm broke.

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