16 October, 2008

So Yeah. No more Job.

I haven't been updating much lately (it's been a whole month!) because, well, my work made it so I couldn't access the blogging part of my blog.

However, that is all over.

Why? You may ask.

Well, it is because I got laid off today. I effectively have no job. More than ever, I need people to help me find something. Keep your ears perked. I am actively seeking (and kind of have been in some respect for the last month or so since the financial meltdown made it evident to me that I probably wouldn't have a job very soon).

If you're a stranger visiting and know someone or have need? Even better (since I hate taking money from friends). Check out my AIGA portfolio by clicking on the little talk box deal to the right. My resume is also there for your convenience.

I guess now I will have time to finally get my portfolio website live in a more lively fashion. Keep posted for updates.

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