05 July, 2007

I am the tiredest girl. Or: How I spent my 4th of July

Unlike most of you, I had to work today. In fact, I am presently at work after spending my day walking around town and signing my lease and seeing fireworks. I was woken up by Tim calling me at about 1 in the afternoon (woo a whole five and a half hours of sleep!) to say that they would be in the city in about an hour. So I got up, got dressed, walked the dog, drank some caffeine, and just generally prepared myself for the day. About 45 minutes after he called, I took my time in exiting the house and went to wait for the bus. I was on my way to meet Tim, Zac and Alex at my new digs (and Travis as I would find out a little later). It takes, usually, about 25 minutes to get over there on the bus. So when I got there, I called Tim to see what their progress was. They had not yet gotten off bart. I told him which station to get off from and which bus to take and in what direction. about 10 minutes later, he calls me back: they'd gotten on the bus in the wrong direction and were going to be another half hour or so. So I walked up and down Haight street about two blocks in both directions around my apartment and then called the land lady to be buzzed in when I got sick of waiting.

In the meantime, I had also gone to walgreens to get lip balm, cortizone cream (for my very itchy shoulder) and a measuring tape.

I went in, filled out and signed the necessary parts of my lease and took measurements of the walls for fabric application. Almost as soon as I'd finished doing this, Travis called saying he was on the corner of Fillmore and Haight and inquiring as to where my apartment was. I told him it was above walgreens and waved at him from my street-facing window. I let Tarv in, and we discussed various things that I can't really remember.

About 10 minutes later the rest of the boys showed up. Everyone remarked on how large the studio is, how much storage it has and how dirty the street-facing windows are (very dirty). We generally stood around and talked and hung out as much as people really would want to in an empty apartment. We had left the door open, and my landlady type person came by because she heard voices, saw a bunch of boys and not me and asked if I was there. I popped out, and she said I could leave the lease or whatever I need to do and we'd arrange for key pickup on Friday.

After deciding that people were hungry and establishing that we were, in fact, meeting Joe and Monica later, we went out in search of food and ended up at a taqueria about a block away. Delicious nachos and burritos were shared, and we slowly made our way (largely due to no one really knowing what to do with ourselves up until fireworks were to start) back to the bus stop to take the bus out to the Marina district and walk over to the wharf where fireworks were being held.

There was the worst cover band ever playing much of the afternoon. We settled on a spot that was relatively uncrowded for our fireworks viewing and then went in search of beers and other acoutrements. Red Stripe was on sale at Safeway, as was tequila and M&Ms. These are the things we bought. Tim and I also got soft pretzels and many of the boys got pizza. When Monica's friends, Andrea and Jenna, showed up, they and Joe went to get dinner and were gone for an exceptionally long time.

Sidenote: MonicA, AndreA, JennA; this makes me think of JennIE (what I went by when I first became friends with B), BethanY, MarI (Mar-ee). Just something I noticed.

Darkness was falling, and it was getting colder. David eventually showed up and he and Zac went to go get food. Travis and Tim went for a "run" to get their blood flowing and warm up some. Alex and I sat around and basically held on to our seating area until everyone started to come back.

Beers were drank, tequila imbibed, food eaten, fireworks watched. It was a good time had by all. I then hiked the 2 miles to work from the wharf in about a half hour which is amazing considering I went up a street I didn't need to and considering the amount of foot traffic about tonight.

After riding the elevator up to the office, the sleepiness set in. I went to get some soda out of the machine after punching in, but the one up here had no Dr. Peppers. So I went downstairs and got some tasty snack as well and walked around looking for something to do. I think there were maybe 6 or 7, tops, bankers down there---probably fewer now---and one of them gave me a project to do. I am probably going to not walk the dog until I wake up tomorrow considering David was going to walk him when he got home tonight cos I am tiiired.

<3 <3

edit: I took a lot of pictures of fireworks and a few of the people around me today; I will likely post tomorrow at some point on my flickr.

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