23 July, 2007

What I did instead of sleeping today.

This route took me about 3 hours. The largest climb was in Park Presidio and was about 350 feet over the course of a mile or less (I walked the bike for most of this). Other lesser notable climbs were around 100 feet or so over a somewhat longer distance (these ones I did on the bike). There were a couple 200s in there too, and I walked parts or most of those. I was very saddle sore when I got on my bike for work tonight, but the soreness went away after about 5 minutes of pedal pushing.

First Leg Second Leg Third Leg

Total Approximate Distance: 18.1 mi
Total Approximate Time: 3 hrs

Notable Events:
  1. Being sprayed by sprinklers while finishing the ride through Fort Mason Park (along with a number of other cyclists and joggers). I commend the city for their dedication toward watering the sidewalks and trails
  2. Realising I was grevously offcourse and would have to go through the hills of Presidio
  3. Finding the Safeway that Travis couldn't remember where it was by Ocean Beach
  4. Buying an artichoke, some fruit and some liquid beverages at said Safeway
  5. More or less successfully navigating Golden Gate Park the long way
  6. Almost getting hit by two cars in rapid succession who did not understand that I do get to take a full lane, especially when I need to be taking the left leg of said road---especially when I had already been taking the full lane before they were even behind me
  7. Flipping off said drivers
  8. Not getting hit by cars
  9. Getting down to Lower Haight via Haight St. faster than both a truck and a moped
  10. Getting home rather than ending up somewhere completely unexpected (Potrero, Noe Valley, UCSF, etc.)

I got home and everything situated at about 10:30 this morning, and then, despite being horrendously tired, I could not fall asleep for at least 40 minutes.

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